Progression and retrogression Pt.2

Your bucket of water Your life consists of priorities. They vary from family, work and social responsibilities. They are unavoidable…if you want to maintain your current status in life as you know it. You get to decide what is important to you each and every moment. What action you take towards these responsibilities constantly defines […]

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Who are you wearing?

How you feel may be a product of how you look Outfits, costumes, clothes…however you refer to it, we all wear them just as much as we wear our personalities. But have you ever really given deeper thought behind just buttoning up that shirt? Have you ever visioned what kind of impression you might be […]

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First step of many

Welcome to you all! Long have a I been thinking of writing in some form or another. long have I ‘thought’ about the process of transferring information from my mind to paper and until the last several months, it well, it never really happened. I’d began to write down daily journals that didn’t have a […]

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