Try, try again

Failing You’ve tried so hard to get what you wanted. You’ve quite possibly spent the better part of a year or more chipping away at what you wanted to get your hands on. Dreams came to you at times where you’d see yourself in the aftermath of what you thought possible with all the hard […]

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We are our excuses

A suitcase full of excuses We’ve all got them. some of us have them crammed full up into our suitcases like clothing just bursting at the zip. And every time someone asks us a question we unzip our suitcase for it to throw multiple excuses out for us to use. We then do just that, […]

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Motivation is derived from intent It’s invisible to the naked eye the energy that is intention. We all hold them inside of us at every moment that arises. We intend to walk to the end of the street to get to our parked car. We write up an invoice intending to get paid. We Place […]

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Who really knows where they are actually going? I guarantee you, nobody has their life together. What does it mean to have ones life together anyway? To own a house with a white picket fence, two dogs, two kids and a loving partner? To be travelled in 25 countries and still have a bank account […]

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Sore thumb moments

A night in the kitchen You’re cooking your evening meal and preparing the vegetables as you always do. You wash them, peel them, then cut them up. You then nick the inside of your left thumb slightly. Enough to trickle blood for several minutes, but not enough to cause any severe pain. You were due […]

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