My name is Nick Donnellan and I am a 30 year old personal trainer located in a small town by the name of Napperby. it’s a beautiful little place at the foothills of the euphoric Flinders Ranges. I spend my occupation in the larger township that is 11km away from me in Port Pirie.

I enjoy working out everyday in many different ways. whether that be weight training for power, strength, hypertrophy or muscular endurance. cardiovascular training in running, cycling, trail running or swimming. and spending most days getting a walk in somewhere!

other loves of mine are listening to and eclectic array of music. drinking ristrettos and espressos. reading non fiction books. eating superb food and indulging in a good beer or wine.

Mental health has been a growing factor in my life since my early 20’s. It took me quite some years to come clean with myself and address my demons and then finally start to chip away at them. Becoming self aware of why I was feeling and/or behaving in certain ways became a big focus for me. I’m still not a master of myself, but I know that each day with the practices I hold in place, I’m gaining more control of myself.

So with that;

I’m hoping that through my blogs I can help you in finding a little strength and resilience waiting to be unleashed. We all have the ability to start developing a new self and a new purpose in this life.


I’m Nick Donnellan and I hope you look after each other