Lessons learned

Over the past 18 months

Ideas are like shooting stars

Whether you feel it unfair or not, ideas are not available to you whenever you want one. At least, genuine creative or inventive ideas.

If you are lucky enough (more on luck next) to have an idea come to your forethoughts, write it down somewhere, IMMEDIATELY. That shit will disappear on you faster than a shooting star!

Even when you do have an idea, it may unfortunately (and very likely) turn out to be a stinker. But you don’t know if it’ll be a rose or a turd until you actually put steps in place to at least meet your idea half way!

Give it a real go. Collaborate with someone. If it fails it fails!

You really do create your own luck (most of the time)

Over the past 18 months where I’ve really knuckled down with my reading, there is several ideas that seem to surface often. One of those ideas is that by doing everything in your power you will eventually get lucky. Well, you’ll certainly give yourself a better chance of getting lucky at least.

This doesn’t mean that you go out and buy multiple lotto tickets each and every week, no. It means that whatever your desired outcome may be, you do your absolute best to gear your knowledge and effort towards it. You read more, challenge your old ideas more, you make more mistakes! One thing is for certain, you don’t go home every day and watch T.V. and hope that things will turn around.

Momentum is a real entity. Try to get that ball rolling somewhere.

You trying to improve yourself doesn’t mean others automatically are too

I’ll read a fantastic book and suddenly see things I never saw before. Both internally and externally. That’s the beauty of a great book, it will show you what you needed to see. Then you’ll carry that with you for the rest of your days.

But just because I now know more from reading this book, it doesn’t immediately mean the rest of my social circles are on the same page.

So lowering expectations and trusting that there will still be some who malign others. It’s not because they are evil through and through. It’s because they are walking a life that has wounded them. Whether they know it or not. And a wounded animal will do what it needs to get by.

So with every book that you read, every passage that you consume. Show another it’s profound impression it had on you. Discuss with someone why you think this author came to these conclusions. Challenge the meaning of everything, even if it’s for jovial effect.

Give yourself, but be careful how much of yourself and who you give to

A mistake I’ve made a number of times is that I’m quite open about my life. And if I see a lesson of my past relevant in helping someone before me, I’ll give it. The problem here in lies that not everyone will take the information as intended. Therefor people can and will (at times) weaponize your words to make their melancholy selves feel better for that short period of time.

Unfortunately not everybody wants help when they vent either. They just want to vent without having a solution or another point of view being given. I’ve learned that this is okay. I still however, find it hard to pick up on all the ques of if someone wants help, or wants to vent.

Actions do speak louder than words

People talk, a lot. We all like to converse and share our stories and indulge in our interlocuters alike. But you will find (if willing to observe) there are those who do what they say, as much as possible. Then there are those that very rarely act on any statements they declare…These are the people to steer clear from if possible.

The ones who talk the talk are very envious of the ones who walk the talk. They will do whatever is in their power to manipulate the walkers environment to hold them back.

Find yourself people who have been there and done that and feed off their energy, their knowledge and guidance!

I still don’t have a clue how social media and it’s algorithms work

I know more now than I knew 18 months ago. Created business accounts on multiple platforms and still to this day don’t know how to use them productively. The saying about knowing less the more you learn along way rings true when it comes to my online abilities.

18 months of putting myself out there on an almost daily basis hasn’t really improved my business in any noticeable way. But, I do know that my ignorance to not follow trends is possibly a factor to some degree in this platform.

If you ask for help you will more than likely receive it

There have been a myriad of challenges over the last 18 months. Coming from multiple directions and in differing forms. But one thing that has been constant is the help I received whenever I’ve reached out for help.

It’s still hard, right now as I’m typing, to admit you need help. Whether it’s for something small or incredibly personal, it is still a hard task admitting to yourself you need assistance and that you need to ask for it from someone.

But if you are willing to be humble the help will come.

Movement out in the elements will bring you back to optimism whenever you feel bleak

Whenever I’ve found the walls (metaphorically) moving in on me, I’ll get myself out amongst the countryside. I’ll hike and run up and along the hills. I’ll run across the plains where the animals are. I’ll just get amongst nature where you are always reminded of how insignificant your problems really are in the grand scheme of life.

Life is whatever you make it in your internal dialogue. Why not get out to somewhere green or blue and let that surround you and your thoughts. They won’t clout your mind like you allow yourself to.

Where clarity finds you

Letting go

Whether it be love, friendship, work or a grandeur plan for the future. If any of these circumstances were to change how would you feel? Probably numb and sick if it was the first time you had a lover, friend, job or future plan suddenly cut from your life.

But over time you will find that life rolls on with or without you. Life rolls on with or without your ideas you hold so dearly to. And this is okay.

Time destroys all things. Time heals all things. Which will you decide?

Having gratitude

Ever since I read James Clear’s ‘Atomic Habits’ back in 2019 I applied one thing in particular in my life. Whenever a hard day was upon me or the resistance of whatever I needed to do was building an insurmountable case…I would tell myself, ‘I get to do this’. I would take the thought of ‘I have to do this’ out of the equation as quickly as possible.

Next time you find yourself approaching a hard task try this little affirmation out. But mean it when you say to yourself ‘I GET to do this’.

Closing thought

What have you learned about yourself and life in the last 18 months?

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression


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