Who are you?

Motivation is a passing cloud

Who am I? Some lesson to be learned? A vessel that I am supposed to board until I reach my next destination? An obstacle that I need to overcome before I can truly make my way through this life?

Who am I? Some creature with all the traits of a sentient being yet no wisdom of all the ancestors that laid foundations before me? A man with a point to prove, a purpose to fulfill? How can I fulfill a purpose that is not clearly laid before me? How did all before me succeed? How did they find purpose in a world so full of distractions and what I imagine, a mind so full of daily resistance.

Do these people have the road to their purpose painted before them, so clear on a canvas? With each and every day steps being taken forward and only ever forward? No deviation. No doubt. Just confident, increasingly profound fruitful steps.

I suppose that isn’t the case is it. The trick I imagine, is to believe that you are a force and that there will be failures along the way…You just need to push through every time a failure arises.

Motivation cannot be your only ally in the pursuit of greatness. No.

Motivation comes and goes like the passing clouds over head. And you cannot seek shelter every time the rain comes. Anticipated or not, you must weather the storm and seek the lesson it wishes to wash over you.

Motivation will betray you and tell you all the things you want to hear until obstacles get too hard. Obstacles are there for the ones who have a process. Obstacles are there to be overcome for the ones worthy. Being worthy is a matter of showing up all the time.

Take a hit from time to time, sure. But take it and get back up as soon as you physically can.

Self reflection

So who am I? Really? With every day that passes I don’t see much change. But for every month that goes by it is a different view. The calendar has markings to show my way paved so far. My mind has enhanced abilities compared to my past. And my attitude of the future may still be arbitrary, but it certainly speaks opportunistic as apposed to a continual dead end outlook.

So am I still going to trust the process? Am I going to elaborate more on this process as time flows on? Am I going to take for granted less of the things I now know than I did before?

These are the the patterns that my mind can swirl in from time to time. Do you ever catch yourself off guard into the future to find that you have just been in a 15 minute existential day dream? I do at times, especially when I’m running in places where nobody else is around. Do you ever feel like you’ve found another piece of yourself every time you do this? I do, even if it’s a piece equivalent to the size of a grain of sand. Every little bit of self reflection helps.

Piece by piece is all we can accept and piece by piece we will become the person we were destined to become.

Stay the course if your soul feels full every time you pursue. Make changes if what you are doing isn’t giving you wings.

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression


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