Let Go

You never lost the person that you never once had.

That idea was never a possession of yours.

Your idea of what was, what you wanted and what could be, never existed.

Those fists of yours, shaking, all purple and white. Relax them. Let them breathe again.

So let go.

In a physical sense at least, you had your time.

That time has passed and there are only fragments left to learn from.

Don’t try to hold on. Don’t try to rationalize.

Try to pick up what’s yours to learn, then leave.

After all there is only now. There is only ever now, right now, here, in this body, in this place.

So let go.

Start living with the idea that anyone in your life could disappear without warning.

Should you find yourself associating with an idea too strongly.

Depression with a spoonful of existentialism will begin tormenting your soul.

So let go.

Be cautious on who you allow to consume your time.

Decide sooner than later whether their ideals compliment yours.

If you hold onto the frail leaves of ones personality…

You are missing out on a whole tree of personality of another’s.

So let go.

I’m sure her beauty consumed you wholly.

It must have hurt. Being maimed like that.

It always does.

But your beauty wants to shine out again.

So let go.

You once stood in each others embrace.

those moments once lived, fleetingly, passionately, lovingly.

But those moments don’t exist. Not now. Never again.

I’m sure you’ll stand in anothers embrace one day.

So let go.

You don’t fear losing someone.

You fear being alone for the rest of this finite timeline that is your life.

Nobody is yours.

You only have, you.

So let go. Let go of the fear.

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.


Self awareness is progression

Nick Donnellan


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