Nick Donnellan listens to this vol.7

1/21 Art Pop

This month that has almost come to pass has been a month of contemplation. Whether to continue on the path of weekly musings or to work on something more substantial. I suppose it’s all relative isn’t it now?! With a larger athletic training load I’ve found it hard to prioritize my objectives. But that doesn’t mean I need to stop my playlists at the very least!

Anywho, this month has been a month where I’ve probably listened to a slightly higher than average amount of music. Spanning across a lot of genres as per usual. But the most prolific genre this month has been Art Pop. So why not kick off the year with an Art Pop collection of the songs I’ve been enjoying quite a lot!

Please find below a compilation of tasty sounds that will have you struggling to keep your feet from tapping, hips from swaying and fingers from snapping. (At least that is in my case)

My Instagram account Nickdonnellanlistenstothis (@nickdonnellanlistenstothis) • Instagram photos and videos is very much up and about with, what I consider to be, sensational tracks almost every day. Please feel free to have a gander through my favourites.

So, without any more ramblings on my behalf, please enjoy 1/21 Art Pop.

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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