Progression and retrogression Pt.2

Your bucket of water

Your life consists of priorities. They vary from family, work and social responsibilities. They are unavoidable…if you want to maintain your current status in life as you know it.

You get to decide what is important to you each and every moment. What action you take towards these responsibilities constantly defines you in miniscule ways that add up to a bigger picture of who you are over time.

You need to pick up your mother and take her to the doctors for an appointment. You need to go into the office after hours to double check that the alarms were turned on at close that evening. You need to get to your sports training. Remember these 3 sentences…

Now picture your entire life as a bucket of water.

Now with every task we choose to do throughout our day our water bucket gets filled up little by little. Whether it’s through choosing to procrastinate here and there or it is to do something meaningful, your tank starts filling up. Now there is only so much water your bucket can take on every day before it is full up!

You may be taking your mother to the doctors for an appointment, that is something meaningful and most certainly fits your life philosophy yes? You might have to go back to the office to double check the alarms got turned on at close. This is something that should have been checked and logged during work hours, this could be avoidable and will surely eat into your valuable time. This is filling your bucket with unnecessary water! Lastly it’s now time to go to your sports training! Is it something you want to pursue? Do you play it to socialise? To be fit? To develop your skills and climb levels in this field? In this time filler it’s up to you which area of these reasons best suits you and then if it is apart of who you are and therefor willing to let this fill your bucket.

At the end of the day you are in control of most decisions in your life. And if you’re fine with them all, fantastic! But if there’s something itching at you, start stripping back your days to see what you can alter.

1% rule

I mentioned James Clear’s ‘Atomic Habits’ last week and how I would delve into his 1% theory. It is honestly a life saver! If you are looking for perspective on how every single habit in your life works, read his book!

In brief, every time we do something like workout at the gym, learn to play the piano for 30 minutes or learn a new language for an hour in a once off manner, we don’t get much from it. In fact, after a very short time, that experience is almost void if you don’t attempt it again. But if you were to practice these habits each day for a doable amount of time, say 30 minute workouts and 15 minute music/language learning sessions, you would be surprised at the changes you have made in only a month or so’s time!

Below I have James Clear’s chart of the 1% rule made quite simple and impactful!

The power of tiny gains
James Clear’s 1% trajectory chart

Try to get past looking for instant gratifications in life and see that the path is long but fruitful if you’re able to stay on it. The chance for progression is in every moment of our lives.


One of the biggest tools I’ve used for progression has been in my ability to journal. I don’t have methods of consistency when it comes to how I lay my journaling out. But as long as I write my thoughts down somewhere when I need to! It’s amazing how much clarity comes to you once you write down the subject that is on your mind!

I don’t journal every day. But to know that I have it as a tool to turn towards any time I need to find out more about myself or a situation is extremely comforting.

But my even bigger tool is my ability to schedule almost everything into my phone. I’ll schedule all my clients like normal, but I’ll schedule workouts, eating meals, programming times, meditation times and even when I should call a friend or loved one from time to time. Hell, I’ll schedule an idea so I can revisit it later in the day/week and see what I still think of it!

Journal, schedule, control your life!

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Frederick Douglass

Please find some time to check out more of James Clear’s work at James Clear

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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