Nick Donnellan listens to this vol.6

12/20 Rock’n’Roll

Well we’ve made it to the end of an interesting 2020 and I’m sure all of us are ready to let our hair down figuratively speaking. I contemplated compiling a Christmas music playlist but in all honesty, I don’t listen to them enough to have a good palate of recommendations…perhaps next year I’ll build up my Christmas music base?

So this month I give you a Rock’n’rollin’ good time with a sample of some hits a absolutely love to chuck on from time to time around the house when I’m doing mundane tasks that need a bit of hip swingin’, toe tappin’ and finger snappin’ assistance.

Have a play through this hit machine of a playlist this afternoon whether you’re enjoying good company or perhaps catching up on chores around the house. Regardless, I hope this gets you in the mood!

Please enjoy 12/20 Rock’n’Roll

As always, my Instagram account is Nickdonnellanlistenstothis (@nickdonnellanlistenstothis) • Instagram photos and videos and I absolutely love discovering both new and old music almost daily! Give me a follow and give me some hot leads on more music if you have any!

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

I’ll be looking to kick off next year with a bang! If you have any suggestions on playlists of specific genres you’d like me to look into compiling, let me know 🙂

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