Find an alternative

Limitations are either worked towards or they can be thrown in our paths unexpectedly.

The limitations that we strive to hit usually feel pretty fantastic. Whether it’s through chipping away at your study for several years or more until the day comes where you’ve finally passed all the exams and now have a qualification in your chosen field. Or it could be that you’ve been training for several years to become the best athlete in your desired field and have finally got the gold medal to prove just that!

On the other side of limitations are the unexpected scenarios. It could be that you’ve been training very hard and purposefully for a very long time. But suddenly an injury occurs that you didn’t see coming. This injury will now prevent you from doing the form of training you love the most, and for an indefinite amount of time.

This is what has happened to me since I had a crack at an ultra run recently. The limitation put on the way I have to now go about my running for some time ahead has made me adapt. Adapt in the way I both think about training and physically keep myself as prepared as I can be when my injury has recovered.

A limitation is not permission to give up

Because a limitation has been put before us unexpectedly does not mean we stop everything. We must find an alternative path, another way of excelling.

I’ve now been limited to short distance running. And by short I mean anything longer than 45’s starts to get niggly. Anything after 1km starts to get a little sore, and on and on. My mindset has had to adapt, my training has had to adapt, my eating has had to change also (sadly). I have to live in the now and trust the process of resting, stretching and rehabilitation.

My new limitation is to challenge myself in other ways outside of 30km+ runs every weekend. I now hit the bike for 90-120min sessions, I’ll ski erg for an hour or so, rowing for longer intervals. My strength training is getting a boost however. With the slightly less expenditure of energy I’d usually use on running 4-5 times a week and now doing mostly non impact cardio, I’m having more strength. There’s a silver lining in everything!

If you’re injured, address it, find the solution in fixing it, and then let time be the giver of returned optimal health. But in the meantime, find another way to keep moving! You owe it to yourself to keep going forward!

Life isn’t linear, neither are we

Life isn’t linear.

So why do we expect so much from ourselves and then berate ourselves the moment we get moved off course ever so slightly? A limitation or set back is that bump in the road that will pass before we even realise it. A limitation is a lesson to extract from and evolve. Hopefully we don’t make the same mistake again and can see another way around it in the future.


The sooner we can forgive ourselves for being human the sooner we can find that alternate path and begin climbing again.

Know your current limitation and immediately start to plan out how you’re going to progress around it. Do you really want that thing you desire? Then make no exceptions and seek another path!

Here, have a track to push you past your limit for the rest of the week!

Closing quote

Never allow your limitations to tie you down for failure to whip.

Israelmore Ayivor

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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