Worth noting

Moments in time

Pick apart your month just gone. What were the highs and lows? Were there moments that you really want to remember? Was it a month you’d like to have back again?

Well, you can’t have it back again. Time stands still for nobody. But you can have those moments forever at your disposal through the form of journaling. If you were to begin sifting through your month just gone and write down all the highlights, or even lowlights, you will find yourself with a chapter to your life. A chapter that can forever lay dormant until you choose to return to it.

Isn’t that exciting? To potentially have pieces of your life safely tucked away gathering time and space from all the moments you’ve experienced since. Maybe 4 years from now you revisit a certain journal of yours and rediscover all the thoughts and actions you once lived. You think to yourself how much you cherished that particular moment in time and thank your past self for the discipline and courtesy of writing it all down.

Note to self; Think of future self.

Looking back to go forward

I’ve found that reassessing my past month to be a rewarding experience. Only the later half of this year have I added this habit into my life. I suppose since I’ve begun writing these blogs is when I started the habit actually!

I’ll find looking through my training data of weights, cardio and recoveries very beneficial for where I should go in the month ahead. If I want to be a better long distance runner I need to do this. If I want to increase my back squat power and endurance I need to do that. It’ll all come down however, to all my previous months data, and even further back.

This of course is all just an example of looking back through your past month and seeing what went well and what could be improved. I myself haven’t really logged much more than my physical training side of things this year. But the occasional daily journal is what I know I should give more of my time towards. Each journal that I have written then read in later months always gives me some kind of perspective;

  • Of where I was at in that point in time.
  • Of how I was dealing with those issues.
  • Of how those issues have more than likely vanished (time heals and/or destroys all things).
  • Of seeing if my current self would deal with that past issue the same way today.
  • Of knowing that if I had not written that days journal I would have likely forgotten at least 99% of those events!

It scares me when I think that so much has happened in my life that to some degree, will never be with my thoughts again. Purely because I never took the time to sit down and write about my day and thoughts for 5 minutes.

When I listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast with Penn Jillette and heard Penn speak of how he would read back from journals he wrote over 30 years ago I would feel a hollowness inside of me reach the surface of my disappointed awareness. When I read Matthew McConaughey’s book Greenlights and found he’d been taking notes in diaries for most of his life, the void inside of me expanded at the thought of my now ‘forgotten years’ are relatively lost in time. I can try and recall memories and document them in a vivid format. But I have to make peace with the fact that I will not be able to date these past experiences and really delve into the finer details of them.

Do you journal?

Note taker

It’s a little funny how in my career I’m constantly taking notes and logging data for myself and my clients yet neglect the time to sit down and journal on a regular basis. I mean, I write these blogs weekly, chipping away day by day or sometimes knocking them out in a sitting or two. I’ll constantly put notes in my google pixel regarding anything from a program for a class, a grocery item or even a philosophical thought that pops into my head. But I guess I’ve put jotting down my daily happenings in the too hard basket on too many occasions.

Priorities are where this comes in.

If I’m to be serious about understanding the person I am and have been, I need to journal daily. But if I’m happy to live moment to moment and collect only the larger particles of what my days have left un-sifted…I suppose I can keep doing what I’m doing.

Do you ever think of how many potentially life altering moments have passed you by all because you didn’t take the time to write it down somewhere? It hurts me a little when I think of this.

Note to self; Take more notes.


Free time. Is it really ‘free’? If we procrastinate with it by doing anything other than what feeds our purpose/s, we are paying for our ‘free time’ with a currency we cannot make back. EVER.

The cost of not fulfilling our potential in this life we only get one dance in is frightening.

Note to self; today was worth taking note of.

Closing thought

I write to see. I write to be. As I write, my murkiness finds clarity.

N J Donnellan

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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