Try, try again


You’ve tried so hard to get what you wanted. You’ve quite possibly spent the better part of a year or more chipping away at what you wanted to get your hands on. Dreams came to you at times where you’d see yourself in the aftermath of what you thought possible with all the hard yards put in leading up to it.

But the time has arrived and you fell short. You may not get another chance, and if that is the case, I sorely feel for you. One chance aspirations bring agony that no-one should rightfully bare. But if it was a goal that can still be reached if you only bide your time and do your due diligence, you need to get after it!

We all fail throughout our lives. Sometimes we fail more times in a single week than we actually notice. Small failures mind you, but they are all apart of our everyday lives. It is up to us if we want to learn from our failures or turn a blind eye and repeatedly ram ourselves head first into them over and over again.

Not all our failures are easy to dissect believe me, I’ve tried. Sometimes it’s hindsight that gives us our biggest pointers. In the past week I’ve had two significant failures and honestly saw my downfalls within hours of both events being over. It was ridiculous, in my mind, that for so long I was running a course of over attentiveness and over availability and didn’t notice it until things concluded. It was ridiculous, that I had trained my body to it’s physical best but had neglected or in fact, been ignorant to two simple trialed and true diet necessities involved with running very long distances.

Resetting and refocusing

It’s well within us to assess our failures from an analytical point once the moment has passed. It doesn’t seem fair but fairness isn’t something we are entitled to. We are entitled to sifting through information in the past and using it to build a better foundation that we can use in the right here, right now.

I’ve already written notes, goals, and affirmations after I gave myself permission to wallow for an hour or so. Notes on what I did wrong and what would have been more sustainable and/or beneficial. Goals on how soon I can execute my run again without being angry at myself and abusing my body before it’s recovered 100%. Affirmations on revisited ones I had honestly neglected for some months now.

Can you find it in yourself to firstly forgive yourself then start rebuilding the platform that is already your life?

Be patient, be understanding and be kind to yourself. It’s easier written than done (I’m well aware), but you aren’t a bad person and you deserve to learn from your failures so you can grow.

Talk to someone

I find that when you talk to someone in your life, they generally listen. I know right, you’re probably telling yourself ‘nobody has time for my bullshit!’ And I’m here to tell you that that simply isn’t true. You’d be surprised how many people in your life are more than happy to lend their ears and empathic souls to your story that needs to be let out.

The more we get out of our head and discuss our concerns the more we understand what we are feeling or what our inner voice is making us feel rather. I’ve found with every person I talk to there will be another piece to my 1000 piece puzzle put in it’s place. A lot of things do not make sense to me or any of us in that matter. Every body you see walking around looks like they have it together but they don’t! So the more we can reach out to another to just voice our concerns or fears, the more likely we can start building on our foundations.


I know I’ve written about failure before, and I’ll likely write of it again. But it’s forever a constant in our every day lives!

Keep failing, but know that you have the opportunity to assess those failures to better yourself. Don’t allow yourself to wallow for too long (there’s only so many sad songs you can listen to in one sitting)!

Play the long game, play the smart game, try, try again.

Closing quote

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

William S. Churchill

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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