Win the day by showing up

Wins or losses

Just because you won yesterday does not guarantee you will win it all again today…

We live our lives moment to moment without really ever noticing the little things. Before too long all these moments compile into wins or losses. These wins or losses are different for all of us and different because of how value ourselves.

Coming second in a 100m sprint for one person may mean that they have done very well beating almost every other competitor in the event! On the other hand another person who comes second might see it as a complete failure as they are not the best person in that event. regardless of these people spending countless hours training for the event or not, we are looking at the mindsets here.

How often have you ended a day or week and reflected on it with the thought ‘gee I really ticked a lot of boxes didn’t I?’ Or, ‘man I suck, nothing I planned to do got done and I got into more arguments than I did stimulating conversations’.

It’s a great habit to reflect on your day past. This way you have the ability to improve on things for the future. Seeing what went right and then using that as a new bench mark or finding problems that could be altered in the future. These are the possibilities we give ourselves when we reflect. Not just at the end of our days, but for everything in life!


The ability to reflect is the ability to find stillness in ourselves and fine tune our minds. Fine tune the way we look at the world and how we react to everything and everyone. Our reactions are who we are…most of the time.

We can almost always do better with our reactions when we think back to moments past in our lives. But the best thing we can do is accept that whatever happened in the past happened, we can only control what we do in the next moment that arises.

Reflecting on your day can be done in multiple ways. It can be reflected upon by;

  • Mindful breathing or meditation
  • Walking/running
  • Writing/journaling
  • Talking with your significant other

By giving yourself an allotted activity to open up and dissect your past day you give yourself permission to grow. Every time you chip away at your past day you discover the good about yourself as well as the room for improvements!

Winning the day that you’re in

We’ve all had days where we wake up and feel like turning back over and staying bed. No matter how good the previous day was, we have this heavy pull to let everything slide into the abyss of submissive disparity. We hear our inner voice telling us how worthless we are as a human being and that no matter what we do today it won’t do us any good in the life we’re living…

Remove that inner voices opinion from your mind. Immediately.

You only need to remind yourself this;

Time is constant. Therefor you are constant. Every action you take is an action for your future self. Do you want your future self to be better or worse off?

Think about that.

You don’t know what the day ahead will bring you. But you sure as hell can at least show up and see what it has to offer. Or you know what? What YOU have to offer it!

Small trending wins

Our lives are like the stock market. They are always trending up or down. There are no sideways. It’s a little daunting isn’t it? Why can’t we get to where we want to be and just kind of, well, park our efforts at that level and live life in that lane for the rest of our days?

Well as much as that would be nice it just cannot be. When you are cycling on a bike up a slight incline what happens when you pedal with moderate effort? You slowly, but surely make your way forwards. What then happens when you stop? You begin to slow down before you then proceed to go backwards. As you are no longer producing effort, and the force of this beautiful but unrelenting planets gravity is bringing you back to where you once came, or even further back than before…

It’s the way of life. We need to keep the foot on the pedal so to speak. Keep the momentum going forward or we’ll slip back to where we once came before. It doesn’t seem fair but that’s where our mindset comes to play, make it fair! We aren’t owed anything by anybody, and how good does it feel when we have earnt the hard things in life?

Every time we earn something in life, we have undoubtedly learned a thing or two along the way no? You don’t learn anything from winning the lotto. But you learn things from Building your own business from scratch or from building a new relationship with a person you once upon a time never knew!


You have to turn up every day. Your processes urge you to.

You will build character each time you push through the resistance that hits you at randomized times and in unfair circumstances.

Just because you won yesterday does not guarantee you will win it all again today…unless you put your future self in mind and take action NOW.

Closing thoughts

The willingness to show up changes us, it makes us a little braver each time.

Brené Brown

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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