Motivation is derived from intent

It’s invisible to the naked eye the energy that is intention.

We all hold them inside of us at every moment that arises. We intend to walk to the end of the street to get to our parked car. We write up an invoice intending to get paid. We Place a present at our co-workers desk intending them to see it, open it and be joyous about it.

Intentions, I feel, are our motivations. We need them to motivate us to get anything done. If it weren’t for intentions, do you think you ever would have asked your lover out all those years ago? Do you think you would have said yes when he got down on one knee and asked to spend the rest of his life with you? There most certainly would have been a motive behind the answer you gave.

So we may not be able to physically see anybody’s intentions, but through their actions, a lot of the time, we can certainly get a good indication of what they might be on occasions.

Judge not hastily

Play caution to what your inner voice is saying about the person and their intentions before you…

Our inner voice will layout a scenario of what a person before us intentions are in a mere matter of moments through a collection of data it has processed, assessed and come to a conclusion with. IV will then tell us that this person before us is purely out to destroy us and our reputation to go with it! Wait what?! We are only sitting around a coffee table at the cafe with a group of friends though?!

It doesn’t matter of the setting and surrounding elements. Our IV will see any particular person in whatever light it deems reasonable from all the information it has quite quickly received along with all the past knowledge of the person involved to go along with it.

We have judgements of absolutely everybody we’ve ever known in our life. And with that IV has an ‘idea’ of what intentions each and every one of these people have if you just indulge it. Go on, ask your IV an opinion of somebody you went to high school with but have not seen for quite a number of years… What was the thought on that person? What intentions did IV paint you of them if you were to place yourself in an imaginary setting with them right now? No matter the thoughts IV just placed in your head, do you really think that those thoughts of them would really ring true at this moment in time? Absolutely not! Everybody evolves all the time. Even if some people don’t appear to change over the years, they still experience new things everyday which in turn shape them in even the slightest of different ways. So tell IV to sit aside right now and read on.

Good vibrations

So we cannot see what other peoples intentions are, but that doesn’t mean that we have to put our guards up at every waking moment necessarily. The best I feel we can do to one another no matter the situation is to put forth our best intentions. Almost so, the person we are with can feel our intentions without us having to speak them out and hope that they believe it to be true.

Move and act with nobility and people will believe that your intentions are pure and true.

Good vibes. It’s a saying that gets thrown around so loosely now. But in this situation I believe it rings true to the cause. What we project is either good or bad vibes, there is no in between, rather spectrums of good or bad. We don’t need to be bumbling happy go lucky golden retrievers 24/7, but it would be worth trying to stay on the better side of good vibrations to help not only yourself, but for others to receive them as . Let your good vibrations infect everybody you come into contact with. Who knows what your good intentions might do for another that wasn’t travelling so well only moments before they spoke to you.


Our intentions hold a lot of weight. They steer our every move to the direction we want to get our desired outcome. Be sure to assess each intention that arises in your mind and decide (rather quickly) if your intentions are both noble and going to get you to a place worthy of your future self. What’s a worthy place for my future self? Maybe read last weeks blog about ‘The search for purpose’ and start mapping out your decisions from there.

So remember, an intention is not visible, but can sometimes be felt. An intention will always drive our narratives, and these narratives can become quite apparent if others eyes. So be sure to make your intentions, good ones.

Closing thoughts

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

Gautama Buddha

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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