The search for purpose

The bigger picture

Move with purpose.

Every single thing we do in our lives is a move towards a bigger picture. We all have a different picture mind you. And every time we make a decision to not get our training session in at the gym, we have altered the course of our bigger picture. Every time we take the time to talk to a passer by or loved one we have altered the path towards our bigger picture. For every difficult and often time consuming habit executed, we have adjusted what our future will hold. There’s no way of possibly knowing this I suppose you could say, and I cannot argue.

Can you believe in the idea of purpose? Can you believe in the idea that with every decision you make you are in fact creating either greater or lesser optimal futures for yourself?

Move with purpose, speak with purpose, even be silent and observing with purpose. We owe this to ourselves to execute as many moments as possible with a purpose, even if it might not be clear yet what exactly we want for ourselves down the line.

What is your purpose?

It’s a big one isn’t it? Have a sit back in your chair or place your hand held to the side for a few moments and think to yourself these questions;

  • What do I want to be remembered for?
  • What is my passion?
  • Am I truthfully Living my passion or at least on the path towards it?
  • What is my purpose?

what do i want to be remembered for?

Firstly we start with the funeral scenario. The one where you think about how many people would show up to mourn your passing and then eventually make your way to the question of ‘what do I want to be remembered for?’ If you wanted to be remembered as being the kind of person everyone felt comfortable confiding their life’s issues in, you could begin to show more empathy towards others when they tell their stories to you. Being empathetic might be a new challenge for you. But try the trick of putting yourself in your interlocuters shoes when they tell you something about their life. You don’t need to have eaten 40 hotdogs straight in a hotdog eating competition to know what kind of discomforts a person whom has dealt with this when they are telling you just that very story! You can just understand what it is like to be completely stuffed full and also the feeling of being rushed to be the first to complete something. Vuala! You have began to tune into your ability to be sympathetic, therefor enhancing your status of being approachable for people that may need an ear to listen to them.

What is my passion?

What is my passion? What is the thing that instantly has you on the edge of your seat in a proud chested, shoulders pulled back, 100% attention giving manner whenever you hear about it? Are you at a dinner table with friends and find every time someone mentions ‘wine’ you absolutely cannot contain your excitement and try to contribute to the discussion in any possible way you can? Maybe there’s a passion in that? Start delving deeper by seeing if horticulture is something you would be interested in studying to get yourself into the wine making scene. If that doesn’t quite interest you, could you possibly invest in a partnership with 1 or 2 friends and create a cellar door somewhere? What if this still doesn’t interest you? Could you maybe begin tasting wines and start a blog about them as you go?

See if you can look deeper into your life’s loves and find an avenue not once thought of previous. Can you find a way to begin working hand in hand with this love and turning it into something even more meaningful? Can you turn this passion into a career that will have you jumping out of bed every morning?

am i living my passion? or on the path towards it?

They call it a career. You could be at the beginning of a job that in 20 years time will have you halfway towards your retirement with a superannuation compounding steadily over the years. You could be learning new skills throughout copious amounts of training sessions and team meetings over the years. You may even inherit a few good life long friends on the journey. But is this life your passion?

If your passion lays somewhere other than where you are now, it may be best to begin allocating a small amount of time ‘daily’ towards your passion. Set aside 10-45 minutes a day where you begin chipping away at your passion. If you begin to write, run, learn another language, build a software system or make crockery right now, you don’t know where those slowly developing skills might take you in a year or more from now!

So ask yourself, are you on the path towards living your passion right now? The power is in your hands to begin now, with small allocated timeslots.

What is my purpose?

Passion is the thing you NEED to do to be truly content with your life.

Purpose is the REASON you do what you do. It quite possibly is the reason of your existence if you will allow yourself the freedom to believe this.

My purpose in life is to simultaneously continue developing my emotional intelligence and helping people in person or indirectly along the journey. Everything that I learn through personal experience or reading is automatically another tool I like to use to help another when the situation in need arises.

Can you think of a purpose that resonates with you like mine above? You have to give yourself permission to leave old fallacies behind and feel what truly makes your hair stand on end when you think about it. Throw away the idea of being a millionaire holidaying on a beautiful beach for the rest of your days, that would not fulfill you. Think of the quality you possess in you strongly that others could benefit from if you chose to share it with the world.

We all have a quality in us that the world is waiting to receive.


We all have a passion inside of us. Some of us might be lucky to have more than one passion. But the key point to take away from this is that you deserve to know what PURPOSE moves you in this life you’re living? Can you extract that purpose and begin fine tuning it ready for the world to embrace?

There’s no magic answer we can call on to tell us what it is we should be doing to make us jump out of bed every morning for the rest of our days. But there is this philosophy I run my life by…

I know I MIGHT not get anything out of what my daily processes are right now. But I most certainly will get NOTHING if I do NOTHING.

Closing thoughts

The things that we love tell us who we are.

Thomas Aquinas

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

2 thoughts on “The search for purpose

  1. Interesting article. haha as much as I would like to win a couple of million dollars I have often thought it might solve a couple of problems but it wouldn’t make you happy. It would be so boring just sitting on a beach drinking cocktails.(could do it for an afternoon!) but I admire people who know what their real passion is and do something about it


    1. Absolutely! We could all do with a luxurious holiday from time to time.

      But it’s having that constant level f discipline to at least execute our baseline objectives. Enjoy the motivational patches when they come. But endure the process throughout!


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