The beauty of connection

As human beings, we are born to connect.

Connection is what we crave subconsciously in our dreams as well as consciously. Every single moment of our lives there is at least a piece of us that needs to be connected to another human being. Whether it be connection through the form of a bonding in a job. A connection through the friendship that has so many similar likes and dislikes. Or in a connection bound by unconditional love.

The beauty in connection lies in the way we can express our open canvas that is our true self, to a recipient that will indulge us whole heartedly without judgement.

A constant NEED for connection

I have found there are those of us who thrive on human connection at every possible moment available. The thought of not being around another person for more than a half hour can absolutely fluster them. There is nothing wrong with this desire to have another person around us so frequently. But if this is you, do you feel like there may be a reason for your need for another constant in your life outside of yourself? Perhaps you find the sound of your own inner voice to be a little overbearing and/or negative, therefor craving anybody outside of yourself to drown out that self chatter.

The need to always have another person around you can limit the amount of time you probably need to work on yourself. Whether that be self care in doing things that can calm you or make you happy. Or if it’s things you should be doing to improve yourself like meditation or reading.

I’ve mentioned it a lot of times, but finding some stillness in your own company will help settle that inner voice that usually likes to keep our thoughts scattered and unreasonable more often than we’d care to admit.

Knowing when to disconnect

There are those of us that know we only have so much we can give to others on a daily basis. We may love spending time with others when we are feeling our most optimal, sure. But there comes a time on any given day where our socializing battery is depleted and therefor need time away from the world. It’s absolutely normal to be one of these people, I myself am one.

Retreat to your happy place. whether that be reading a book, having a walk in the park, executing a workout, cooking, meditating or even watching an episode of your current favourite series. The thing that YOU know balances you out should be the thing that is made a priority at some point during every single day.

When we give ourselves that little bit of selfish time, we can then give our best selves to everybody else in our lives.

Bonding with a significant other

To be in the presence of a person who seems to understand you. To be able to converse to one another for hours and look back thinking ‘where did all that time go?’ To bond with a significant other in emotional, spiritual and physical form is the pinnacle we are all trying to reach no? How beautiful is it to be living in a collection of moments where you are only thinking about the person you are with. Where you are hanging off all the words they spill as they are yours. A dance that is being played at the dinner table, on the couch, on a relaxing walk, in the bedroom laying with two bodies pressed amongst each other as if there is never going to be another moment like this again…

We are all searching for these kinds of connections whether we realize it or not.

If you have people in your life that fit into this category you are living the good life regardless of anything else that may be wrong in your world. The fact that you have another human being to give your complete story to any given time you spend with them, to know that they are truly listening and caring in return…this is living your life to one of it’s highest forms.

When you find people that can make you feel appreciated and loved with true substance along with it, embrace them and be sure to give yourself completely back to them.


Over the days or weeks ahead take your moments with your significant other/s in your life for the experiences they really are. You’ll only live each moment once, why not give yourself to them entirely?

If you don’t feel you can give yourself entirely, communicate this to your friend or lover. Tell them that you need to take an hour or even an entire evening to give yourself some self care. Be openly honest and then do the things that bring yourself back to your best version of you. From here you can then return and give your significant other 100% of you and make them feel the love that each and every one of us not only desires, but requires.

Closing thoughts

I am a part of all that I have met.

Lord Tennyson

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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