Who really knows where they are actually going?

I guarantee you, nobody has their life together. What does it mean to have ones life together anyway? To own a house with a white picket fence, two dogs, two kids and a loving partner? To be travelled in 25 countries and still have a bank account that’s topped to the brim with funds to set you onto your 26th? To be in a financially rewarding career that can only go up as the years roll over for you as long as you give your heart and soul to the company?

You may have your self doubts aplenty. But every person you know in your life has self doubts in abundance. Just like you.

So why are we so hard on ourselves and where we are in our lives right now? Could it be because we’ve put certain aspirations on hold because of a significant other? Is it because we’ve been holding out for that lucky break that never came? Or are we just comfortable with what we know to be and frightened of extending ourselves into the unknown?

To fail is to grow

To put ourselves knowingly out of our comfort zone is a good thing!

Every time we try something different whether succeeding or failing we grow internally and in turn give our self esteem room to bloom. How many times have you failed in life? Big fails, small fails, it doesn’t matter the size. The question that is most important is this, has it honestly destroyed you? And when I ask ‘destroyed’, has it made you redundant in life ever since? Because no matter how big the fail might have been, I bet you’ve learnt a mighty important lesson from it, yes?

To fail is to grow.

Infants in their first few years spend a lot of their conscious moments attempting new skills. They often pick things several levels above their ability, but they soon realize this and either move on or persist. Perhaps some of these skills are not appropriate and therefor get ushered into another direction from their loved ones. But the point is that these youthful human beings are not deterred by this obstacle (failing) in such an absurdly cautious manner.

Enjoying the process of progress

Over the past 4 decades we have been graced with the world of gaming in many different and technologically evolving forms. Mostly for the purpose of having fun but also for developing the brains cognitive abilities.

You begin your journey as super Mario in level one, dodging several meddling opponents and jumping several objects as you make your way from the left side of the screen to the right where you will eventually find the finish line. Before you know it you’re now at level 5 and noticing that these levels are progressively getting more difficult. We fast forward and find you now at level 17 and quite frankly, might not be getting any further any time soon!

We’ve found ourselves at a place where failing is rampant. Over and over again you are mucking up at each new objective in the current level. Luckily this game (among every other) has music, queued sounds and deliberate visuals to keep you engaged when the games get tough. This current level may be very difficult but for every tie you fail at a particular juncture, you soon learn your lesson an progress…even if it is only to the very next obstacle.

So why not live our lives by a similar process? Enjoy the current challenge knowing that no matter how difficult it may be right here and now, you WILL get through it and you WILL find something out about the challenge as well as yourself. You will find out that you do have what it takes to see things through. You do have what it takes to call on past acquisitions of learnings and use them to piece together a new system that is needed to expand your current level of knowledge! You have it all, you have your persistence that will only grow stronger for every trial you begin to take on.

Enjoy the process of failing and learning what you need to do next time to go that next level.


How would you feel about attempting one thing each day for the next week? Attempting something that is slightly out of your capability level. Pick up that Guitar, punch in ‘how to play a G chord’ on google and persist with that and beyond if you master it quite quickly. If not, stick at it for 10 minutes and return to it for the same length of time the following day. See what happens…This applies for any new hobby you decide.

Closing thoughts

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas A. Edison

Look after yourself.

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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