Nick Donnellan listens to this vol.3

It’s the beginning of the final month of winter that is August. So this month I have for you a compilation to warm the soul. It is the melancholic and tragic in lyrical form genre that is Blues.

Blues was created by the African American folk in the rural southern regions of the US. Finding it’s place in this world in the late 19th century, which eventually paved the way for rock and roll with it’s rhythmic structures.

8/20 Blues

As I’ve mentioned in previous music blogs, my Instagram account nickdonnellanlistenstothis is an eclectic range of music I listen to and enjoy at any given time. If you discover even just one track you adore, then you my friend, have won! The thrill of finding a new song and therefor artist is a thrill I myself am forever chasing!

So, please enjoy 8/20 Blues

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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