Nick Donnellan listens to this vol.2

7/20 Trip hop/Electronica

It’s the beginning of another month and that means it’s time to give you another compilation of music I enjoy from a select genre. This month I’ve put together a selection of trip hop and electronica tracks that I adore.

Trip hop in my opinion, is so strongly belonging to the artists in Massive Attack and Tricky. But there are other artists that execute that genre so masterfully also. Trip hop is a genre of music that usually plays slower in tempo, contains elements of hip-hop and reggae dubs. It can also contain ambient and softer sounds.

Electronica I will say now, is my favourite genre above all. It is a style of music that is derivative of techno and rave that can also contain essences of ambience and cerebralism. It is a genre that really has character out of all the techno related productions. In saying this, it is probably a genre that doesn’t necessarily draw the largest audience on a world wide level.

So if you’re feeling a little open minded and in the mood to give yourself to the music this evening…

Please enjoy 7/20 Trip hop/Electronica on Nick Donnellan listens to this

7/20 Trip hop/Electronica

My Instagram account is of the title nickdonnellanlistenstothis if you want to discover a range of music.

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