Are you using your energy wisely?

Energy can be burned faster than you think

It’s mid week and you are now starting to look forward to the weekend. The opportunity to relax and recharge the batteries will be here soon enough. You’re beginning to think about each appointment you have already booked in over that ‘unwinding’ 48hr period. Below is an itinerary of how our weekend ahead might look;

  • Saturday morning, 6am, workout
  • 8am, home to feed the dog
  • 8:15am, shower and change
  • 9am, breakfast with friends at the cafe
  • 11:00am, running errands for your currently travelling sibling
  • 12:30pm, lunch at home
  • 1:30pm, running errands for your parents
  • 3pm, baking treats for the gathering tonight
  • 5pm, shower and change
  • 5:45pm, feed the dog
  • 6:30pm, leave to the gathering for dinner and drinks
  • 12am Sunday morning, return home to get some sleep
  • 7:30am, wake up and feed the dog
  • 7:45am, shower and change
  • 8:30am, out for breakfast with different friends at another cafe
  • 10:00am, get to the supermarket for half weekly shop
  • 11:15am, begin to prepare a couple styles of meals for the next several days
  • 12:30pm, eat lunch (meal preparation continues)
  • 1:15pm, organising a weekend getaway with friends a couple months away
  • 2pm, walk the dog
  • 3pm, visit the parents
  • 5pm, feed the dog
  • 5:15pm, work through schedules for the week ahead
  • 6pm, eat dinner
  • 7pm, leisure time
  • 9pm, bed

This is quite an extensive list when you break it down in details. How do you do it? Extending yourself in every direction. Just to find yourself staring at your Monday morning 5:55am alarm alerting you that it’s time to start another week.

‘But where did my weekend go?’ you ask tentatively. Well, it didn’t go anywhere you didn’t allow it to. You just used all your energy on making everybody happy and in the process not necessarily letting your batteries recharge like you would have liked.

Have to do’s…and the not so much

There are things we need to do. There are things we can possibly do. Then there are things we absolutely have no need to do.

Let’s start by breaking down what needs to be done. Now we need not go into every single chore specific to us in alphabetical order to break down this plan. We simply need to address what our sense of importances and emergencies are. Then everything else can be dealt with accordingly from there onwards.

Need to do;

These are the appointments we find in our schedule that will most probably jeopardise our career, job, relationship or health if we were to not execute our engagements in this category. Something has a high possibility of going wrong if neglected here. Using our energy and giving full attention to these appointments is paramount.

Possibly do;

Here we need to define just how necessary it is to commit to these appointments. Asking ourselves if a) we have enough time, resources to commit and b) if this appointment could easily be performed by someone else. These situations could generally be handled by other people or are something you more than likely would not regret letting slide.

No need to do;

Honestly, why are you going to say yes to something that is going to put your mood out, run you down, and most certainly isn’t benefitting your progression through the one life you have right now? So these are the requests that you can turn down and would not be letting anybody down because a) somebody else could perform this task, or b) the requestee hasn’t yet considered more efficient idea’s yet. Then lastly, c) this request is something that would drain your energy with no reward.

Negativity that drains

There are other outside elements that can pull our energy out from us unknowingly. Negativity from people that you may be involved with through work, weekly engagements or even family. These people don’t necessarily intentionally behave in a negative way, they could also drain energy from you because of the way you perceive the world around you. We all have people we find very easy to converse with just as we all have people we find impossible to.

Where should we go from here?

Addressing that a certain person is taking away precious time or is simply exhausting you emotionally is the first step. The next is making a decision on either cutting back time spent with this person and preferably being polite about it. Or begin to change the way you engage with this person. This could be by opening the conversations with a little more vigour than you have in the past. Set the tone of how you’d like the conversation to go. Maybe implement a cut off time in the conversation, and again, be polite about it. This way you are limiting time spent in a nothing conversation therefor saving energy, and being a courteous person.


Energy is usually replenished overnight, ready for us to begin a new day. We only have so much of it through physical, emotional and mental plains. Be sure to monitor how much of each category we are using throughout a day.

P.s. A workout in the morning is a good use of physical energy and will almost certainly help those other category’s flourish for the day ahead.

Closing thoughts

Think about the best moment you experienced yesterday. What made that moment stand out to you? Did you truly live in the moment during that experience?

See if you can live in the moment a few times today.

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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