Music makes the world go round

You are walking through the park one fresh and still morning. You are walking at a pace that is enough to generate a slight breeze upon your body as you stride. Day break has dawned as you get your essential walk in before you need to kick into your daily routine of life.

What kind of mood were you in only moments before you put your shoes on to go outside and embrace the cool winter air? Tired right? or was it a feeling of optimism? possibly melancholy? Whatever the feeling, what music are you using to accompany these emotions during this walk?

Are you one to embrace the emotions you’re feeling with music to compliment them? Or are you more inclined to fight against them with music you listen to day in day out?

It will take you where you need to go

You need your music to take you away temporarily or to dial in on some current events that need your astute attention. You’ll basically create an evolving montage throughout your park walk with or without being aware of it. You’ll skip into a dozen different narratives before you’ve set foot back to your front door. You’re doing what you love, what WE ALL love…escapism.

Music takes us to places in an instant.

Now there are quite a number of people who are not very sensitive to creativity such as music. That’s quite alright by the way! And they are almost definitely the ones who put the same music on everyday to listen to without much thought at all. They’ll go onto discecting their past, present or future like they do as always. I cannot say I completely understand the effectiveness of this being that they might be listening to the same upbeat track whether they are happy or sad. But my thoughts are that if you are among the people who are like this, keep going if it works for you! But if you want to give another avenue a go, read on!

You are an eclectic being

There are those of us that are incredibly in tune with our emotions on a musical level at least. You may not be aware of every single feeling you have at any given moment nor pick up on ques that take you to that emotion. But when it comes to embracing it or trying to shift it to a desired state, you have a particular skill for it…Music.

I’ve found over the course of my life that joy, sadness, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, depression, euphoria and anything else that moulds into place can be complimented OR slowly shifted out of the mind with choice of music.

Now we all have different preferences of music that makes us feel what we feel. So understand that any genre I may recommend might not be suitable for you in situations that might be suitable for me!

  • Classical renaissance, piano concerto, violin concerto or modern classical can calm me and bring stillness almost always.
  • Electronic ambient and down tempo electronic helps my creative thinking process.
  • Art pop, pop, 80’s pop, electronica and new wave will generally be to compliment my happy emotions or help alter my undesired emotions!
  • hard rock, metal, industrial electronic and acid house will get me through a workout if I need that boost.
  • trip hop, downtempo electronic, folk acoustic, acoustic, southern blues acoustic compliments my melancholy (more on complimenting your emotions next) or it can also heighten my appreciation for my life.
  • 80’s pop, and an eclectic range of music I use for feeling optimistic!

These are some examples of music I’ve acquired over the years and learned to embrace for any emotional state. I must add that I don’t always listen to music and nor would I recommend it. It is great to embrace your surroundings as often as you can without the distraction of music also!

Your best weapon

Complimenting how you are feeling by indulging your senses with music that’s relevant to you is healthy! Maybe don’t drag it out for the entire day however.

live in the moment of your emotions and be aware of them. Realise what you are experiencing and address it by putting on that playlist that puts you completely in your lane and immerses your soul in sound! Play that album that’s always been there for you over the years. There are so many albums that have stood the test of time;

  • Elton John – Goodbye yellow brick road
  • Depeche Mode – Violator
  • Queen – A night at the opera
  • The Beatles – Abbey road
  • Madonna – Like a virgin
  • Kylie Minogue – Fever
  • Mastodon – Crack the skye
  • George Frideric Handel – Sarabande
  • Black Sabbath – self titled debut album Black Sabbath
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
  • Daft Punk – Discovery
  • Chuck Berry – After school sessions
  • Max Richter – Songs from before
  • Genesis – Abacab
  • Prince – Purple rain

These are just to name a few to send you on your way if you choose! But just know that no matter how expansive your musical collection is, there’s an almost infinite amount out there waiting for you to discover and fall in love with still.

Nick Donnellan listens to this

Once a month I will be posting a Spotify playlist to a blog. It will entail a brief description of what you can expect to hear from it if you choose to do so.

I adore music and am regularly on the path to discovering new sounds to fall in love with over and over again. My aim here is to hopefully give you a chance to at least have that feeling once, somewhere along my playlists. I have an Instagram account that goes by the title Nickdonnellanlistenstothis. This account is where I often share songs I am loving at those particular times. The style of music varies in genre often and again, I hope from these posts that you may find something you love but may not have come across before.

I’m starting us off with a contemporary/modern classical mix of songs I find beautiful, impactful and of sounds that make you travel to places and times in your mind. Please enjoy, 6/20 contemporary/Modern Classical.

Closing thoughts

If you could hear only one instrument for the rest of your days, what would it be? Why does this instrument connect to you? What emotions does it amplify in you?

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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