Coming through on your promise

Will I come through?

“I’ll look up those recipe’s tonight.”

“I’ll read 10 pages of the book this weekend.”

“I’ll get 10,000 steps out every day this week.”

“I’ll get you that itinerary for the wine tour next week.”

What do all these quotes have in common? They are all promises.

We often make promises that we’ll do something. These promises are mostly made with the best intentions and to only better ourselves (even if subconsciously). But for one reason or another, we mostly fail to execute them. The desire might not be strong enough. The will power to avoid a toxic habit in turn for a more productive habit (commitment) isn’t strong enough. The foundation of an empty promise it would seem, has been laid.

Empty promise

So you dealt an empty promise today. You’re only human and this certainly doesn’t make you a bad person. But can you firstly think about what guided you into saying yes to this particular person? Was it that they were a person of higher position in your work? Were you trying to win over the person of interests affection? Was it a friend that you had maybe let down several times in the past with promises and really want THIS time to be your redeeming moment? Or perhaps you’ve just fallen into a habit of saying yes (in one way or another) to whomever asks of you?

No matter the case, this can be improved. Let’s try and tip the scale back in your favour and win over more of those promises in the near future!

Pay yourself first

Find the reward in the scenario of the next setting you are asked a favour. We need to be stimulated by some kind of pleasure when we do anything in this life. Even if the stimulation is very small in simply being happy with a “thankyou so much for remembering to send me that recipe.” You might very well have wanted that thankyou from this person because you really want their friendship and therefor feel fulfilled in knowing that this person may talk to you more often in the future as a product of this good deed.

the scenario mentioned above can also be looked at as self indulgent. But self indulgence is also apart of our genetic make up, it’s apart of who we are. If you aren’t doing most things in life to benefit you to some degree, you need to start putting yourself first a little more.

Pay yourself first. That’s the saying in the investing world that rings true in every other facet of life. If you start to pay yourself first you can then start giving your best in other areas of life. whether that be to your family, work place, community or even the world! You can greatly increase your giving power by sorting yourself out first.

  • Get your early morning workout in.
  • meditate/breathing routine.
  • reading
  • writing down your daily goals
  • clean up your emails
  • pay your bills online

Above are just some examples of paying yourself first. Getting things out the way that you know will make you feel energised and more receptible to helping others throughout the day ahead. It’s not selfish to schedule some time to yourself, especially first thing in the morning before everyone else is awake. You are setting yourself up and everyone else your involved with for a much better day.


So now you have a sample size template set before you. Say no a little more often. You are not being selfish, you are being honest with everyone involved. You then leave the favour open to another person more equipped.

Say yes when you know it in yourself that you can come through on the promise. Your yes holds weight and you should begin to act accordingly. You’ll soon find yourself feeling more fulfilled and appreciative of the people that come to you for help.

Closing thought

Have you checked in on a friend recently? It doesn’t have to be a close friend. You never know who might need your hello.

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

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