Who are you wearing?

How you feel may be a product of how you look

Outfits, costumes, clothes…however you refer to it, we all wear them just as much as we wear our personalities.

But have you ever really given deeper thought behind just buttoning up that shirt? Have you ever visioned what kind of impression you might be projecting of yourself to the rest of the world with that puffy winter jacket you’ve just popped on for the day ahead?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, that outfit holds your identity to some degree!

Do you change your posture the moment you put on your work attire? Do you change the way you talk? Are you receptive to questions from people in a slightly different manner?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are a by product of what you wear, to a small degree at least.

The essence of embodiment

My outfit for 99% of my days is active wear. I’m a personal trainer that would wear all the clothing that you would expect. Then when it comes time to workout, well, I think you can imagine what the attire would be…

So from the moment I wake and put on my active wear/work attire, I am immediately letting my brain know that it’s work time, it’s time to straighten up that little more and be affirmative with my decision making for those that I will be training in the time ahead. My walk will instantly become that little faster and purposeful. My thoughts will become more focused on exercises needed for certain clients. My demeanour will be that of a person that is easily accessible when approached (at least I hope I operate that way).

Now let’s flip to the rare occasions I might be wearing a casual outfit on a weekend for whatever reason… I’ll put on pants and usually a bland t-shirt, spruce up the hair and instantly I feel that little more relaxed. My walk will slow down a little but with no change to my posture. I sit in a way that will physically take up a little more immediate space in a cafΓ© or other casual setting. By this I mean to place an arm over the chair next to me or to spread my leg out to one side without hindering any passers by. I’ve never intentionally done this, I’ve just noticed that I do and by all learnings I’ve read, it’s to gain more attention to ones self, go figure.

These two personalities aren’t exactly stark in differences. But they vary somewhat when I actually step outside myself, slow down and see the subtitles from inside.

Can you step outside yourself? Try this the next time you change before your work shift. Think about who you are as a person when you are at home, then simultaneously move that thought into who you are when you are dressed for work. You don’t need to take anymore action than this. Just tune into yourself and become a little more aware of the way you operate through something as seemless as the changing of clothes.

take the time to look at yourself behind the outfit

Are we all actors?

ahh, performing arts!

Actors are renound for embodying an array of characters throughout their career. Some are lucky enough (in my opinion) to embody a particular character for multiple years in a franchise. Some actors will be great enough to have at least one film in particular where they transport you the viewer completely outside of your world every time they grace the screen.

Willem Dafoe, one of my all time favourite actors once sat down in an interview with Vanity Fair on YouTube about his career. One of the most interesting parts was his recollection on his role in ‘Shadow of the vampire’ where he would spend no less than 3 hours in make up to begin shooting for the day and then 3 hours to get out of costume at the end of the day. He went on to say that this process took him away from himself in a concrete way. And that whenever that happens, he’d connect with a joy of performing and a joy of finding gestures that would normally not occur to you.

Dafoe on the joy of finding gestures (8:55min mark)

My takings from this idea is that whenever we wear our clothes, we embody a persona. We gesture, talk and respond in even the slightest of different ways than what we would normally wearing another outfit. It’s as if we are acting in accordance to whatever is wearing us isn’t it?

Clothing. The silent dictator.

Cast your mind to the last time you sat yourself down on the couch and binged your favourite show. What were you wearing? Was it an outfit you wear almost always during this time you hold so dearly? Do you find yourself acting out any other undesirable habits? Maybe binge eating?

You’ve quite literally set your subconscious a comfort zone. You now affiliate your comfortable clothing and array of comfort foods to consume with watching the T.V. The moment you slip into your comfortable clothes at home, you’ve already decided what will follow!

Again, just be aware of this habit you have now adopted for some time. Are you happy with it? Is it helping you get to where you want to be? Maybe the first step for you is to not put those comfort clothes on after your working day and perhaps find another hobby to start adopting.

I will delve more into habitual changes in blogs to come. But for now my fellow readers, just start to be aware of your daily movements.


For those of you that either don’t know what I’m talking about or are unaware of the clothes that make you feel in particular ways…

Over the days ahead, take a moment to step back and embrace the outfits you wear. take that moment to look a little deeper inside yourself and see what persona you let seep in. These changes you might see aren’t going to be larger than life personality switches. But maybe with a little more understanding of who you are in what you wear will give you a little more confidence, clarity and understanding of the types of layers you have in your identity wardrobe.

Find your comfort outfit and embrace it! use this outfit as your confidence weapon my fellow reader! go get after it you powerful S.O.B, you deserve it!

Closing thought

When was the last time you smiled? Why did it make you smile? Revisit that moment.

Nick Donnellan

Self awareness is progression

4 thoughts on “Who are you wearing?

  1. Very Interesting nick, and definitely true for myself when i think about what im doing at a certain time as to what im wearing.


    1. Thankyou for reading Kez!

      Yes I’ve found it interesting how we are an extension of when we played dress ups as children. And now we find ourselves to a lesser extent living out different roles depending on what attire we wear.


      1. Very true Nick, makes you stop and think. I look forward to reading your next blog, good on you. PS you write well. πŸ˜‰


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