First step of many

Welcome to you all!

Long have a I been thinking of writing in some form or another. long have I ‘thought’ about the process of transferring information from my mind to paper and until the last several months, it well, it never really happened.

I’d began to write down daily journals that didn’t have a word count goal. the goal was to just open up the laptop and begin writing about anything that was on my mind, no matter how inspired or not I was on the day.

My being on this platform and blogging came about in my reading and watching numerous inspirational modern day philosophers on YouTube. To name a few; James Clear, Cal Newport, Brene’ Brown and YouTuber Matt D’Avella really got my habitual processes developing some real momentum.

For the past 6 months now, I have been reading 30 pages a day on average. This and journaling around 4+ times a week among other small improvements have started to shift my lifestyle almost completely!

So, to my fellow readers;

  • I’ll be writing weekly about topics regarding mental health from any angle I see relevant in my life at that time.
  • discussing eating habits and it’s correlation with mental and physical performance throughout every minute of our lives.
  • Daily movement being a key to us functioning at our humanly best.
  • gratitude.
  • self awareness
  • mindset.
  • and current learnings I pick up throughout my days.

I’m using this blogging platform as a means to learn and grow before your very eyes. So with any luck, my writing and blogging techniques improve weekly.

This brings me to say…

“THINKING about doing something is only 1% to the 99% that is in DOING something!”

I’m Nick Donnellan and make sure you look after each other out there.

2 thoughts on “First step of many

  1. Best of luck with the blogging Nick. Think you will have a very positive impact on many people’s lives.
    I’ll be sure to follow.


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